Modern kickboxing as we know it first appeared in America during the 1970's. The need for a full contact ring based martial art arose during the huge martial arts boom of this period.... View more information on Kickboxing

It’s an excellent cardio vascular workout for the whole body. An extra benefit is how great and empowered you feel after a work out. Boxing for fitness is not an easy ride.... View more information on Boxing

Taurus Gym is known for creating champions, and the best ones start at an early age. We train juniors (from 4yrs) ... View more information on Juniors

Get fit ...get focused! Kickboxfit ! A class for men and women of all ages and abilities. Kickboxfit will enhance your performance in everyday activities, giving you a healther, more motivated & enjoyable lifestyle . The ultimate fat burner ... Interval & cardiovascular workout .Kickboxing techniques brought together with body conditioning. .The quickest way to imorove your fitness levels. . A great stress buster And at just £4 per session ! ... View more information on KickboxFit

A new approach........ View more information on MMA

Muay Thai
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is the devastating "science of 8 limbs" from Thailand developed over 1000's of years. The exact date of the creation of this fighting art is not known but it is widely believed to be over 2000 years old.... View more information on Muay Thai

Personal Training /Private Tuition
For some people for whatever reason often due to work/family commitments the times are unsuitable for them to attend our regular classes. ... View more information on Personal Training /Private Tuition

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New premises opens 29th March !
Taurus Gym has moved premises over the weekend. (New address added to website, contact us) All classes will resume on Tuesday 29th March at the new gym. Few small changes to make and then i will get some pictures up. New gym is a lovely, fully matted area, walls as well for mma practitioners. Changing area, shower and seating area for parents etc. We will continue to run all our styles and classes as usual. Muay Thai/K1, MMA, Boxing and KickboxFit. As well as all our fantastic Junior classes in Kickboxing and Boxing. Check the timetable @ for the few small changes to the times of classes. Although we have done our best to keep as many as possible to the same slots. We will also be starting a strength, conditioning and balance class with Jim Starkey on a Wednesday night. As well as working with our S+C coach James Bodley @ Total Rebuild. Look forward to seeing you all at the new premises

Front view of Taurus Gym.

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1 July 2017
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James Thompson becomes the 'New' TFC Southern Area Pro K1 Champion !
May 2017
James Thompson delivered a near perfect performance to win the title agains...
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New English MMA Champion...Aaeiron Orme !
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