Carleton University (USA), in a study reported in Psychology Today (January 1985), found that children in martial arts have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks; a higher sense of self-esteem; higher level of social intelligence; and were less likely to be radical.

Here at Taurus Gym we are more than happy to train juniors (from 4yrs) who show an interest in the martial arts.
Our juniors train in 'Taurus Kickboxing', our very own style of kickboxing and self defence.
Devised by our 5th Dan head coach,after 35 years in martial arts.
This incorporates tecniques from all the styles taught at Taurus Gym.
Juniors are taught the same devastating techniques as the adults except allowance is made for their shorter attention span and physical limitations.

Sparring is an integral part of Taurus training where students quickly learn control and earn respect.

We teach sports psychology rather than eastern philosophy and your children will not be asked to believe in ‘chi’ energy or magic knockout points -all our methods are truth-tested in the ring - and we usually win.

Taurus instructors are known by their first names giving very much a family atmosphere to the gym.

Do all Taurus Juniors have to fight?

No. Of course not! There is no obligation for any student to compete, but for those who wish to, we attend properly sanctioned shows throughout the country as well as hosting our own.

What about grading?

Juniors can grade if they wish but again, this is not compulsory.


Except for a groin guard and gum shield (combined cost of £10); we provide all the equipment needed for safe practice – all you need bring is shorts, t-shirt – and your little champion!

Juniors pay £4.00 a session or £30 per month.

Upcoming Events.

New premises opens 29th March !
Taurus Gym has moved premises over the weekend. (New address added to website, contact us) All classes will resume on Tuesday 29th March at the new gym. Few small changes to make and then i will get some pictures up. New gym is a lovely, fully matted area, walls as well for mma practitioners. Changing area, shower and seating area for parents etc. We will continue to run all our styles and classes as usual. Muay Thai/K1, MMA, Boxing and KickboxFit. As well as all our fantastic Junior classes in Kickboxing and Boxing. Check the timetable @ www.taurusgym.co.uk for the few small changes to the times of classes. Although we have done our best to keep as many as possible to the same slots. We will also be starting a strength, conditioning and balance class with Jim Starkey on a Wednesday night. As well as working with our S+C coach James Bodley @ Total Rebuild. Look forward to seeing you all at the new premises