Personal Training /Private Tuition


For some people for whatever reason often due to work/family commitments the times are unsuitable for them to attend our regular classes.

Taurus offers private tuition in all styles during the hours when the gym is not being used for a regular session.

Some students have private sessions as well as attending regular classes to help speed up their development/fitness.

We also offer personal training where your workout will be designed specifically for you by your own personal trainer to suit your needs . This differs very much to a normal private lesson as your needs (weight loss/injury/health problems etc)will govern your workout . And although often your workout will still be combat sport based (boxing/kickboxing ,depending on your needs /ability) it will usually involve various other traing methods also. Aerobics/weights etc .

Private Tuition costs are more expensive , but the results acheived on a 1 to 1 basis can be astounding.
A session will usually last between 1hr-1hr 1/2 . Depending on your fitness/ability.

Group bookings will vastly reduce your costs .
1 person per session £20
2 " " " £15 each
3 " " " £10 each up to 5
For groups of 6 or more a price will be negotiated.

Upcoming Events.

21st May 2022
Bull's on Parade is back!! Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing.