Muay Thai

What is Muay Thai ?

Muay Thai History
Muay Thai is the devastating "science of 8 limbs" from Thailand developed over 1000's of years. The exact date of the creation of this fighting art is not known but it is widely believed to be over 2000 years old. Muay Thai used to be referred to as Pahuyuth (multi-faceted fighting style) a couple of hundred years ago .

The Thais are a tribal people and have had to defend their country from many invaders throughout their history. It has been developed year by year passing from teacher to student for as long as the Thais can remember. Muay Thai is often referred to as the science of eight limbs as it employs not only punching and kicking techniques but elbows and knees as well.It could be said that Muay Thai currently is split into two parts, the ring sport and the martial art. The art side contains many techniques that cannot be performed in a ring with gloves on.

What does it involve ?

You will learn Muay Thai the ring sport.

You will be taught devastating techniques,from all the various ranges muay thai incorporates.

All the techniques you will be taught have been used inside the ring, and proven to work. You will learn what scores and what does not inside the ring... Building your confidence , capabilities and self esteem along the way.

Very few people who train in ring sports actually wish to compete and our regular classes (not fighters sessions) cater for your needs individually building your fitness, confidence and ability as your training progresses. However Taurus Gym produces high quality professional and amateur fighters and competes regularly both locally and around the country on the best shows. Our current stable of fighters includes several pro champions and students have the opportunity to train with and be coached by some of the best fighters in the country. Taurus Promotions also hosts prestigious local events so that fighters can compete on home soil.

If you’ve never been before, simply turn up to class 10 min early for a quick chat before we get you started. Bring a t-shirt and shorts (or tracky bottoms). Alternatively, you are very welcome to come and watch any of the sessions first and meet the instructor and students. Muay Thai is practiced barefoot - please keep your toe nails short.

The hardest part is turning up - once you are here, you will love it!

Taurus Muay Thai is female, beginner, junior and student friendly. There is no intimidation and no bullying. We have a safe, friendly environment.

Upcoming Events.

21st May 2022
Bull's on Parade is back!! Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing.