What is 'Kickboxing'?

Modern kickboxing as we know it first appeared in America during the 1970's. The need for a full contact ring based martial art arose during the huge martial arts boom of this period. In the 1960's the Japanese decided to take their ancient art of karate to the world. Several top Sensei's (teacher/master) were sent out to share their art with the west. Many of the students who were involved in this period wanted to compete and test their skills for real. Karate competitions were either semi contact, or full contact with no attacks directly to the face, making the combat unrealistic. Many of the first western blackbelts had come from a boxing background as this and wrestling had pretty much been the only combat sports available to them. These fighters longed to compete for real and so the ring sport of kickboxing was born!


As well as all the techniques required for competition in the ring, the Taurus syllabus also includes very REALISTIC self defense. As well as being a kickboxing and karate champion Taurus chief instructor Jimmy Hamilton is also a 5th Dan black belt and incorporates real self defense into the syllabus bringing the techniques that ACTUALLY WORK from Karate, Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai and boxing. All of which we as an association have vast experience in.


Very few people who train in ring sports actually wish to compete and our regular classes (not fighters sessions) cater for your needs individually building your fitness, confidence and ability as your training progresses. However Taurus Gym produces high quality professional and amateur fighters and competes regularly both locally and around the country on the best shows. Our current stable of fighters includes several pro kickboxing champions and students have the opportunity to train with and be coached by some of the best fighters in the country. Taurus Promotions also hosts prestigious local events so that fighters can compete on home soil.

How to join in.....

If you’ve never been before, simply turn up to class 10 min early for a quick chat before we get you started. Bring a t-shirt and shorts (or tracky bottoms). Alternatively, you are very welcome to come and watch any of the sessions first and meet the instructor and students. Kickboxing is practiced barefoot - please keep your toe nails short.

The hardest part is turning up - once you are here, you will love it!

Taurus Kickboxing is female, beginner, junior and student friendly. There is no intimidation and no bullying. We have a safe, friendly environment.

Upcoming Events.

21st May 2022
Bull's on Parade is back!! Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing.

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